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Is it time for you to lose that excess fat?

So what would it be like for you to lose that extra fat?

Let us embark on a journey together, a journey which will put you back in control of your eating habits and help you to achieve your ideal weight.

Perhaps you have dieted before and lost weight but then you have put it back on again. Perhaps you have never been the weight you wanted to be.

Eating can be an emotional issue. We feel sad, unhappy and perhaps we reach for a bar of chocolate or a cake to make us feel better. We eat the cake and for a few moments we might feel as the sugars fills our blood stream and gives us a temporary high. Some people eat whilst they are worrying to divert them from the problems that they are experiencing.

Food is very often used as a comforter. If you are this type of person then you need to find another way of getting comfort.

Getting to your ideal wieght

It is possible to get to your ideal weight. If this is something that you really want to do then I will work with you to achieve your goal.

Hypnotherapy and Coaching can help you to reach your goals.

Sitting in front of the T.V.

So many people these days sit in front of the T.V, to eat there meals. This can be unhelpful especially if you want to lose weight.
Because you are focused on the T.V you are not focused on what you are eating and therefore it is really easy to overeat as you may not recognize when you have eaten enough.

Another thing that can happen is that you might still feel hungry when you have eaten as you have taken any notice of the food that you have just had as you were concentrating on something else.

To get the most from your food and full enjoyment then its good to sit at a table without the T.V.
If you are "mindful"about what you are eating then you are unlikely to overeat. You will enjoy your food more and be in more of a position to control your weight. Of course what you eat is still going to be important but that is part of a weight loss process.

Hypnotherapy and Coaching for weight loss

Now lets be honest.

Hypnotherapy is not magic. Nobody is going to wave a magic wand and your are just going to magically lose weight. You do have to take part and as it has taken time to accumulate extra fat then it stands to reason that it will take time to lose that excess fat.

So how can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help by getting your subconscious mind on your side,it can help you to want to make healthier food choices and it can help you to not want some of the foods that you know you shouldn't eat. Then with the help of helpful suggestions that are made during hypnosis, and a structured eating plan you can start to lose that excess weight.

so what are you waiting for?

why wait to lose that excess weight, let your mind help you achieve weight loss now

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