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More than 30 years in complementary health

I am passionate about health and wellness and helping people like you to create a healthier lifestyle. I have over 20 years experience in the complementary health care sector. There was a time in my own life when I smoked cigarettes and ate all the wrong foods and it didn't make me feel good. So I made some major changes in my lifestyle and now I know that I am doing my best to live every day to the full.

Do you want to feel good, do you want to feel that you are doing the best that you can to fulfill your potential?

A healthy , wealthy life is about having balance in all the different areas or life.

If you are ready to start living to your highest potential and you want to make positive lifestyle changes then I am well equipped to help you.


Let’s face it us woman are different from men, particularly when it comes to hormones. Only a woman really understands what it is like to suffer with PMT, only a woman carries a child and gives birth as only a woman has a womb. I know that it has been said that men experience a type of menopause and that could be true but it will still be very different from what a woman experiences.

Hypnotherapy can help with stress , anxiety and lack of sleep.

Why not find out if coaching and/or hypnotherapy can help you

contact me now book your free 30 minute session, I look forward to hearing from you


Jane Harbord LCPH


HYPNOTHERAPY -Practitoner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Smoking Cessation Specialist
Weight Management Specialist
NLP Practitioner
LCPH Homeopathy- Friend member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
EFT Level 2
IIHHT Body Massage
IIHHT Reflexology
IIHHT Indian Head Massage
Soul Path

Complementary Health Care is complementary

During my working life time I have worked in many environments, I have been a veterinary nurse and also worked as a lab technician and a cytology technician.
Complementary health is complementary to traditional health care, not an alternative and its a choice open to all.

About me. pi mag

Passionate about Wellness . Nikken Pi Mag Waterfall making water taste nice again

Taking you on a journey to wellness. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and I promote products that I think help you achieve wellness. We all need good quality water, sleep, light and more . Our bodies are over 70% water so drinking water is really important. I haven't drunk tap water for over 20 years basically because I just can't stand the taste and I am not in favour of mass medication either, follow the wellness link below to learn about practical water filters that give you good tasting water for about 50p a litre. If you don't like to drink tap water and drink bottle water then investing in a good water filter helps the planet by cutting down on plastic and helps your wallet too.

The Nikken Pi Mag Waterfall makes water taste nice again.

Find out more about the Pi Mag Waterfall here

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